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Lighting Design & Programming

Lighting Design is one of the key elements in a production as with out it people on stage would not be seen. Lighting design also adds a WOW factor to your event adding an extra element to the performance or production.

I offer complete show lighting design and programming for a range of applications from Festivals to concerts and from corporate events to Churches. This includes pre-show lighting programming, programming visualizations and desk operations throughout your production or event

Lighting design requirements and styles change for each production so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your next project because I would love to be part of it!

Production Concept & Design

I offer full production concept and design including
pre-visualization, showfile creation and paperwork services, for a wide range of events, productions or installations including:

⚬   Concerts and Music Festivals
⚬   Ground Package’s for Festivals
⚬   Corporate Events
⚬   Installation for Churches and Event Spaces etc.
⚬   Touring Productions

For more information about what is included and to learn more about what I can offer for your next event, please contact me by following the link below.

Front of House Operations & Technical Management

A knowledgeable Lighting Designer can remove a lot of stress from a production. Events can take weeks or months of planning and organisation so without proper fulfillment all your planning could go to waste. I have worked myself up from being a stage hand in order to gain in depth knowledge to become a valuable port of call and be trusted at FOH and as a Technical Manager. I am also Licensed with IPAF to operate Category 3a & 3b MEWPS, adding extra value to my skills

Depending on the show, key aspects of this role change so to discuss your event please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific requirements and to see what I can offer for your next event.